A very high portion of businesses have a current need for a floor cleaning solution, whether it be to clean the floors, clean the floors better or to clean the floors more productively. Many of these businesses are aware of their need and have no current floor cleaning machines, others have floor cleaning machinery that is not capable of meeting there needs, which unfortunately is very common. 

The biggest risk for these businesses is when they reach out for support, if they contact the wrong company they more often than not end up being supplied a 

machine that does not meet there needs, whether it be in cleanliness levels, productivity or return on investment. A very good example of this is the common sight in industry we all see is sweepers blowing dust clouds into the workplace, i.e: It is essential when looking to purchase a machine that it has the specification to meet your needs and that you are supplied the correct advice, not advice swayed by sales people who have self interest of commissions.

The difference with POWERSWEEP is machine suitability advice is only given by product specialists, they are not sales people, nor are they paid commissions, their satisfaction is received through providing solutions to our customers and maintaining our highly valued reputation as industry specialists.


The difference between a floor sweeper and a floor scrubber is very straightforward, as detailed below:

Floor Sweepers - work through a rotating cylindrical broom lifting dust and debris from the floor surface and flicking it into a debris hopper, the sweeping action is dry, the majority of sweepers will have vacuum dust extraction to assist in removal of dust. Most sweepers will also have one or two corner side brushes, that are used to flick debris into the centre driving path of the sweeper, for collection of the main cylindrical broom. 

One of the biggest risk factors in selecting a sweeping machine is selecting a machine with adequate filtration area, filter media type, filtration airflow volume, airflow speed and suction to maintain dust control and to continuously remove fine dusts. Sweeping with the right sweeper will collect debris, fine dusts etc and leave you floors well swept and vacuumed.

Floor Scrubbers - are not designed to take the place of a sweeper, they scrub the floor surface with the assistance of water and chemical and then dry the floor by vacuuming up the soiled water. They are generally used to remove grime and build up, they can also be used to collect low volumes of spread out dust. Various floor cleaning machinery approved chemicals can be used in them, including degreasers, detergents, emulsifiers etc, they can also be used without chemical in some applications. A wide variety of scrubbing brushes, scrubbing pads and polishing pads can be used on floor scrubbers.

This type of floor cleaning is very common in the cleaning of retail sites, office buildings, commercial sites, food manufacturing facilities, warehousing of dust sensitive products, manufacturing plants and workshops etc.

Both types of floor cleaning machines have their own advantages and are ideal when used in the right applications. With that in mind, some facilities may only need a sweeper, others may only need a sweeper for the majority of the floor cleaning and the occasional or weekly use of a scrubber, and others may only need a floor scrubber. The decision on the best floor cleaning solution should only ever be made on professional advice, backed by many years of industry experience, for the right advice, contact the industry specialists, on 1300-881000.