Machine Overview:

POWERSWEEP PS90 is a very well designed and thought out sweeper, designed with a sloping front to provide unhindered view to the side brushes resulting in a more thorough clean, and equipped with large rear wheels and high ground clearance the PS90  performs exceptionally well in both internal and external applications including sweeping of car parks. The PS90 is also traction powered, hence it is self propelled and can even handle carpark ramps.

The Powersweep PS90 works on a vacuum assisted sweeping principal, having twin sides brushes to sweep material to the centre path of the sweeper which in turn is swept into the debris hopper by a full width cylindrical broom. The sweeping function is further enhanced by large 3sqmt filtration system and a filter shaker which enables the PS90 to handle even the dustiest of applications with ease. The PS90 is equipped with a 45 litre capacity roll out hopper with the optional use of disposable debris bag liners.

The PS90 is an all steel bodied machine, it is designed to last for many years through its industrial build and use of quality components, it is equally impressive in reliability and return on investment, reducing costs through high productivity and exceptional sweeping efficiency.


  • Warehouses

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Mining Sites

  • Car Park Sweeping

  • Foot Path Sweeping


Sweep Path:           90cm

Power Options:     Battery, Petrol & LPG

Debris Disposal:    Roll Out Hopper

Engine Make:         Honda

Hopper Capacity:  45 Litre