KS1200CT - is a Battery Powered Ride-on Carpet Sweeper, featuring a vacuum assisted sweeping and a wide 120cm sweep path. The KS1200CT is the manufacturers benchmark in ride-on Carpet sweepers, as it features an automatic brush rotation cut off that activates when the machine comes to a stop, eliminating carpet burns; and it is propelled through the two rear wheels, eliminating the weakness of other brands that are front wheel drive through a single steer wheel, and the resulting carpet knarls that can result on start up. In addition, it is supplied with fully sealed batteries and non marking rubbers. The KS1200CT features a high efficiency dust filter and electric comb filter cleaner to ensure airflow and sweeping efficiency is maintained, KS1200CT is the King of carpet sweepers. For a product brochure simply click the brochure link to the left of this page, or phone 1300-881000.

KS1200CT - Carpet Sweeper

  • Online Discount: Is Included

    Manufacturers Warranty:

    Labour - 6 Mths

    Parts - 24 Mths or 2,400 Hrs whichever occurs first

    Australia Wide Delivery: Available


    Made in: Switzerland

  • Specifications:

    • Battery  
    • 120cm Sweep Path
    • 60 Litre High Dump Hopper
    • Coverage: Up to 8,000 sq mts P/Hr
    • Size: 150cm x 100cm x 122cm
    • Weight: 310 Kgs