Machine Overview:

KS1200B - is a Battery Powered Sweeper featuring a vacuum assisted sweeping function and a wide 120cm sweep path. The KS1200 design provides exceptional operator visibility to the front side brushes which enables the operator to clean up close to racking, benches etc providing a more thorough clean.

The KS1200 is without doubt the industry benchmark in compact size ride-on sweepers, this standing has been achieved through its exceptional design, such as the fact it is extremely low in maintanance and very reliable due to the fact it has no drive belts, in addittion it is rear wheel drive with power to both rear wheels, providing unequaled torque and climbing ability, it is also fully automatic when sweeping, as in when the driver stops the brushes stop, when the driver continues brushes and vacuum restarts. In addittion to all of this the KS1200 features a high efficiency dust filter and electric comb filter cleaner for exceptional performance even in very dusty applicatons. The Swiss quality of the KS1200 is obvious throughout.

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KS1200B - Sweeper

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    Manufacturers Warranty:

    Labour - 6 Mths

    Parts - 24 Mths or 2,400 Hrs whichever occurs first

    Australia Wide Delivery: Available


    Made in: Switzerland

  • Specifications:

    • Battery  
    • 120cm Sweep Path
    • 60 Litre High Dump Hopper
    • Coverage: Up to 8,000 sq mts P/Hr
    • Size: 150cm x 100cm x 122cm
    • Weight: 310 Kgs